Saturday, January 16, 2016

TV has Really Changed

When I was watching the Golden Globes last Sunday night, I couldn't help but see a pattern: Most of the television nominees were from shows that were either on cable networks, premium channels, or even streaming from such sources as Amazon and Netflix. This got me to wondering: What happened to the nominees from all of the great network channels, including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and even The CW. Are these shows really not as popular as the others? Are our TV watching habits really that different?

I understand that the nominees come from sources that aren't necessarily everyday viewers, so I wanted to take my own poll. How many of you watch shows on network TV, how many watch shows on the other three types I mentioned, and how many watch a mix?

I'm in the third group. I have my favorites on the main networks, including:

NBC: The three Chicago series (#OneChicago), The Black List
ABC: Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time
CBS: All three NCIS, Hawaii Five-0
Fox: Sleepy Hollow
CW: Way too many to name!!

Cable networks: Younger, Switched at Birth

Premium channels: Game of Thrones

Streaming: Daredevil, Jessica Jones

My point is that there are wonderful shows from a variety of sources, so why can't they all be represented equally in the eyes of the people awarding the incredible work the actors, writers, producers, etc. do to bring them to us each week.

What do you think?