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The Chosen

on June 20, 2015
I have always been a fan of the fantasy-genre so I was excited to go on this journey. I was surprised and delighted
 that this was not your typical male-driven fantasy. This is a coming-of-age journey of a dwarf heroine who 
discovers the inner-confidence she is lacking. I highly recommend this book and will gift a copy to my niece.

VINE VOICEon September 30, 2013
Phantasma is in shock and grief after attacks by Prince Gastle. Queen Laurali of the Elves sends her valiant 
group, including the short, stout and beautiful Dwarf Halli. There's a lot young Halli doesn't know about herself 
but she's about to learn in Andrea Buginsky's fantasy novella, The Chosen. Perhaps there are strengths in 
being shy and quiet and avoiding conflict. But first Halli must learn to believe in herself.

A wonderful story for any girl who's ever felt unimportant or lacked self-confidence, and a fun story for lovers of 
elves, mages, druids and other creatures of valiant myth, The Chosen is an enjoyable girl-themed adventure for
middle-grade readers. A nicely traditional omniscient narrative reveals motivations and conflicts. Pleasantly formal 
dialog offers smooth reading and a pleasing contrast to the youthful enthusiasm of teenaged Halli as she learns 
her powers. "Oh, my God, did I really do that?" she exclaims when her magic proves its worth in a lovely scene 
of swirling braids and powers. Then friends cheer and hug each other in celebration.

Armed with mace and shield, riding a pure white pony, Halli embarks on her quest with the team, completing 
various side-quests on the way. The story has the pleasant excitement and tension a role-playing game, with 
careful decisions, clever potions and spells. A final battle is gruesome but lightly described with no lingering on 
gore. And the whole is an enjoyable tale, well-edited with only a very occasional typo, and warmly told with wise 
lessons interwoven among sweet characters and exciting fun.

Disclosure: I won a free ecopy of this novella

on June 20, 2014
This story has the lot, if you enjoy a magical tale of evil Princes, beautiful and elegant Queens, goliaths, dwarves, 
elves and more. Majestic powers unite to destroy the evil about to annihilate their peaceful world! It has a Lord Of 
The Rings feel about it, but for a younger audience, and I think young people will be captivated by the story.

on July 12, 2014
A light tale focusing on Halli, an endearing young dwarf who is part of a specially chosen group: holy paladins. 
They must save their world from the evil Prince Gastle. This was a fun read in which you are surrounded by elves, 
a druid, goliaths, mages and shaman.

Nature's Unbalance

on June 4, 2014
Author Andrea Buginsky, takes the reader through a world of the pleasant unknown. Filled with "a rainbow of 
wonder," each chapter progresses with imagination, beauty, and outstanding creativity. Wonderful characters, 
Phantasma is a wonderland, uniquely created by Ms. Buginsky.

This book has heart, and calls out to the reader to read more, and peaks the interest. A well written book of fantasy, 
I would highly recommend this beautiful book to anyone that appreciates a great story, with a wonderful plot and 

on May 17, 2014
Congrats on the second installment of you're series. Keep up the great work, you have a great imagination. Look 
forward to more of you're books

VINE VOICEon June 23, 2015
Second in the Chosen series by Andrea Buginsky, Nature’s Unbalance returns readers to the world of Phatasmna, 
where the brave warriors and spell-casters of the Chosen are heading out on their next quest. Nature is distinctly 
unbalanced as this story begins, with the problem’s “highest concentration… to the North where she’s supposed to be 
in preparation for the Winter Solstice.” The whole world lies under threat as shades of global warming combine with 
the joys and chances of a role-playing game. Each member of the team has a task, be it in wisdom, strength or 
fighting skill. And a trek will follow, through dangerous lands, past evil ogres, and up to the frozen world of the “ice 

Nature’s Unbalance is a fun, action-packed novella with all the elements of skill and chance you’d expect in a 
role-playing game. The story’s slowed by occasional typos but nice world-building, pleasing characters, and 
enjoyable family relationships add up into a thoroughly enjoyable child-friendly novella with neat lessons about 
persistence, loyalty, communication, and respect for nature.

Disclosure: I was lucky enough to win a free ecopy of this novella.

on December 7, 2014
Nature’s Unbalance, book two of The Chosen Series, by Andrea Buginsky begins with the marriage between Halli 
and Silvor, two members of a special group known as The Chosen throughout all of Phantasma. Redsham, Striker, 
Kaidyla, and Lumina fought alongside the newlyweds during a previous battle from book one where they defeated 
the horrible giant, Prince Gastle. Before the honeymoon could occur, they embarked on a mission to find out why 
the animals, vegetation, and the weather were all out of sync with the natural order of things. After days of travel 
and battles with orges, The Chosen finally located Nature trapped by an evil presence. Each of them used their 
special magical abilities to help them fight their battles while protecting the ones close to them.
With its fantasy setting, I found the story interesting. However, there were some areas where the dialog repeated 
what the narration just explained. I also wished the battle scenes were described with some more details. Overall, it 
was a pleasant story to read during the holiday season, and I found myself cheering on the heroes in their plight.

Striker's Apprentice

on June 15, 2015
Be ready for a fantastic Journey where the author Andrea Buginsky takes you into the world of some very 
interesting characters. I have followed this series and was quite impressed with what Buginsky was able to do with 
the enchanting characters and what is in store for them in this book. I loved following up with Halli and Silvor now 
that Nature and phantasm are settled. However in this story things change when Striker and Lumina come to see 
them and then something is then asked of them. I think Andrea is able to take her into this fantasy story and is able 
to make the characters all come to life. I loved it and the story grabbed me from the start. I highly recommend this 
book! Bravo.

VINE VOICEon June 23, 2015
Pleasantly child-like characters people these tales of elves, dwarfs, and other creatures in Phantasma. It’s a place 
of instant friendships, deep loyalties, and board-game-style national complexities. Family growth combines with a 
sense of computer-game adventure in this coming-of-age tale where a young dwarf learns the nature of the hunt, 
thanking his prey for its gift of life and food. Halli’s honeymoon is over and real life just might be about to begin, but 
a girl needs a mother’s advice once in a while. Meanwhile a surprise visitor may be due to arrive.

The Chosen series combines hunting, respect for life and nature, a touch of magic, and smoothly simplified 
relationships in fun novellas of sweet characters and promised hope. This third volume continues the story 
pleasingly, adding new characters and complications in a short complete story while still promising more to come.

Disclosure: I was given a free ecopy and I offer my honest review.

My Open Heart

5.0 out of 5 stars Moving Autobiographical Story of Life with CHDJanuary 23, 2016
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This review is from: My Open Heart (Kindle Edition)

As a former librarian living with Tetralogy of Fallot, I could easily relate to this autobiographical
survival story of living with a congenital heart defect. The reader follows Andrea though the joys
of medical advances and technological breakthroughs as well the difficulties of numerous doctor's
visits and frequent health scares. The story is proof that one can emerge victorious from
significant life challenges and continue to maintain a sense of optimism. Young adults with chronic
health conditions will easily relate to the story and will cheer Andrea on throughout every step of 
her journey.

on July 10, 2013
This story was an excellent view of the authors life and her struggles with heart problems. She had these struggles
since birth and overcame all that was put into her way. She was a brave woman even as a child she was a fighter.
She also had the overwhelming support and love of her family and friends and husband, James. Not many of us get 
a chance to deal with hardships with those around us who support us. Many times there are stories of just the 
opposite, so it was refreshing to hear about a TRUE story where the victim does have LOVE, SUPPORT and 
understanding. Excellent, interesting and very informative.

on February 12, 2012
This book does a seemingly good job at illustrating what it's like to live with heart disease. The author recounts her 
life and her struggles with a life inhibiting heart condition that she refuses to let rob her of her independence. Though 
she's made many sacrifices in the things that she can do, it would seem that she has always focused all of her 
energy on reaching the milestones that she sets for herself. It's an inspiring read that would truly appeal to anyone 
who shares similar challenges in life.

on August 15, 2012
My Open Heart is an inspirational book written from the heart. The author explains her courage and soul within this 
true story. I would definately recommend this book!

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on April 4, 2012
Andi Buginsky's "My Open Heart is a wonderfully simple autobiography about a person who was born with a serious 
heart condition that she has had to contend with her entire life. What was originally thought to be a heart murmur 
turned out to be a rare combination of heart defects That cause oxygen-poor blood to flow out of the heart and into 
the rest of the body. If the body doesn't get enough oxygen, the person is always weak, tired and gets sick very 
As you read "My Open Heart," you learn a great deal about heart conditions and terms that you may hear from time 
to time. She talks about "Ventricular Tachycardia (V-Tach) which is a kind of heart attack. Her heart suddenly goes 
into a lethal rhythm and starts beating frantically. If it's not brought back to a normal heartbeat quickly, she may die. 
To correct this, she has an internal cardiac defibrillator (ICD for short) implanted into her body. The ICD is designed 
to detect the rapid rhythm, and if necessary paces her out of it. If pacing doesn't work, the ICD gives her heart an 
electric shock.
Does it hurt? "I will never forget the day I received the high shock for the first time. Before I had the implant, I read 
and watched videos about it. I heard people describe the hit to the chest. But I never expected what I felt that day."
"My Open Heart is a good read for young adults who know nothing about heart disease and want to learn. I was 
surprised at the clarity in the way she explained complex medical terms."
My Open Heart

on August 6, 2012
My Open Heart was a great book! It was a short book, to the point and definitely written from the heart. Very 

on February 13, 2012
The author tells off her life both growing up and now living as an adult with congenital heart disease. Ms. Buginsky 
explains this was written as encouragement for children and young adults facing the challenges of a chronic 
medical condition, and also for their parents. She certainly hit her mark with her inspiring story. Both her strength 
of character and the amazing outlook on life she has nurtured since childhood are most impressive. I think there is 
inspiration for everyone, not just for those with medical problems, and she shares a prospective from which we can 
all benefit. In the end, her joyous and at times playful nature shines through and her mantra will make you smile: 
"Reach for the stars and make your dreams come true".


on September 10, 2013
I wish I had this book when I was 16. Destiny is a wonderful, feel good story that anyone who has ever felt on the 
outside and yearned for acceptance can relate to.

Elena, nearing her sweet 16, lives her life with her family and loves school - even though she is constantly 
harassed by the mean girls. Then, she finds out her life is about to change because the fairy tales she read as a 
child are real. She not only has a destiny that has been passed on for generations, but she has powers she must 
learn to control. When she visits her mentor, Isabel, at New Avalon, Elena finally finds the acceptance she has 
yearned for. I loved the message that you have to accept yourself as well and not just rely on validation from 

Everyone should have a mentor like Isabel! I loved the characters. I loved the descriptions of New Avalon and the 
cool classes Elena takes. Destiny has a great message, is a great read, and I am anxious to learn more about 
Elena's adventures at New Avalon.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I'm so glad I did!

on November 23, 2013
This book explains one girl’s transition to young adulthood. She learns about her family history, her destiny 
(obviously!), and finds a place she truly belongs. It is nice to see that family is somewhat important in this story, 
rather than simply being brushed over. Elena is refreshingly average. She has to work hard in some subjects, and 
naturally excels in others. She is saddened when she realises her failings, shocked and worried when she learns 
of her destiny and yet is happy to be in a welcoming environment and making new friends.

The dialogue sometimes felt stiff or disjointed. I doubt younger readers would really pick up on these two things, 

I think young readers will be able to relate to Elena and her struggles at high school. For those that like fantasy and 
magic, they will also enjoy reading about Elena’s time in Avalon and how her powers grow. This book is pretty well 
rounded, and accessible for young or struggling readers.

on September 10, 2013
New Avalon, Book 1 by Andrea Buginsky what can I say but that was a very enjoyable book to read. Hope she 
started the next one. I want to finish the series it is so interesting it kept my attention throughout the entire book 
and I want more of the series.Elena turns 16 in high school and is miserable and cannot wait for her family 
gathering to celebrate her birthday. What she fines out is she has magical powers at the exact time off her birth. 
Her Godmother Isabel is there to help her and takes her to Avalon a island covered in mist and starts school the 
place she has read about all her life in books where King Arther and the Lady of the Lake lived hundreds of years 
ago. Her training begins and she finally enjoys her life. But every 125 years a new Lady of the Lake is crowned and 
guess who it might be?

on October 10, 2013
Destiny is definitely a middle grade "Chick Book." It is about girls, written by a girl for girls. And it is wonderful. 
When Elena celebrates her 16th birthday, she learns from her parents and grandmother that she has suddenly 
acquired new super powers. That is because the King Arthur legends are all historically true and she is a 
descendant of the Lady of the Lake who gave him is sword Excalibur. Because her new powers can be dangerous 
until she learns to control them, she is sent to a special school on a misty island off the English coast called 
Avalon where the original Lady lived and where Arthur went to recover from his wounds. Over the course of the 
book, she makes friends, learns her craft, and also learns more about herself than she ever thought possible. 
If you're a teenage chick, this is worth checking out.

on November 9, 2013
Destiny is a sweet YA story about Elena Baxter who never fit into the high school click. She was daily teased by 
the group of girls she named the "blond bimbettes" and she grew so angry when she was teased that when she 
yelled back at them defending her family, all of the lockers opened and emptied their contents, a wind toppled 
everyone in the hall and they all stared at her.

In a few days it would be her sweet 16 and she was excited to see her Aunt Isabel who was flying in for the party. 
As they gathered for the party, her mom gave her a special necklace that was the same as hers, aunt Isobel's, and 
her grandmothers. Then she was told that the book she was given at age ten and had read a million times was all 
true, that The Lady in the Lake was her great, great, great. great grandmother and at school break Isabel and she 
would travel to Avalon, a place she thought was fiction..........

on October 26, 2013
Elena is our ordinary teenager but on her sixteenth birthday she learns that she is not so ordinary after all but a 
Yes, you heard me correctly. She is a witch with powers and is a descendant of the Lady of the Lake from her 
favorite story, "King Arthur". Suddenly she finds that she is someone special and learns of her heritage. The stories 
she had heard since childhood are not just stories but true and she is part of them! But with all these special 
qualities come some responsibilities and Elena is introduced to new facts, new people and a completely new world 
where there is magic and nothing is impossible! Elena is sent to Avalon, the mysterious and known-only-to-some 
island where she is to learn to control her abilities and prepare herself for her future responsibilities. But can she 
adapt to her new self?
Will she be able to control and nurture her abilities?

Andrea Buginsky's book, Destiny, made me remember the Harry Potter series. New Avalon, which is the school for 
witches is similar to Hogwarts in Harry Potter. The lessons and scenarios also remind of Harry Potter while Elena 
is also somewhat like Harry. She is nervous, confused and just like Harry overwhelmed by her new experiences 
and new surroundings.

The story, though, written expertly would have been more effective had it been a bit longer and more pages were 
devoted to develop the world of Avalon with some adventures thrown in to capture my attention. I felt the book is 
too short and everything just felt a tad superfluous. Although, a prophecy of evil rising when the successor to the 
Lady of the Lake is chosen is mentioned but we don't get a glimpse of it in this book. Also I just didn't completely 
connect with the characters. Had I been told that I was a witch with special telekinesis powers, I would have been 
completely shocked, disbelieving and would have had a much major reaction to this than Elena, who I thought 
accepted this revelation too quickly and too easily like it was an everyday occurrence and no big deal!

The cover , though very catchy, doesn't do justice to the story and I could not guess what the story is about by just 
looking at it.

The description of Avalon is admirably done which creates an image of the island and successfully creates an aura 
of mystery around it.

"Near the coast of England, just off the NE side, is a very small island. So small, it's not on any map, and few 
people know about its existence. Because of air bouncing off of water, it is always covered in foggy mist. The 
people who know of this place call this island Avalon, as did those before them."

"It was one of those only-those-who-know-what-it-really-is-go-there places. Everyone else just thought it was a 
small, uninhabited island."

A quick and satisfactory read. Destiny mainly prepares a foundation for the successive books which I believe will 
develop more on Elena's life and future adventures. The series has potential and the author's writing crisp which will 
definitely make the reader anticipate the next book in the series. If you a Harry Potter fan or love the fantasy world 
of wizards and witches then this book is for you. I give it a 3.8 out of 5 and will definitely checkout the next book 
when it comes out.

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on October 25, 2013
Destiny is a well written book perfect for girls at that delicate age of self discovery and self image building. The plot 
is paced quite well as we follow this part of Elena's life. The characters feel well fleshed out and I especially like 
how Elena develops through the story. While aimed towards the younger age, I found myself throughly enjoying this 
read. This is a book that as a mother I would love to read along with my daughter if I had one. For older readers it 
may seem a bit light but it will still be an enjoyable easy and relatable read.

I was offered a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

on September 19, 2013
What a wonderful story with such a message to young ones to embrace who they are and not let anyone make 
them feel ashamed for it. While reading Destiny and seeing Elena blossom and discover who she is and what is to 
become of her was delightful. I was so totally touched by this story and the message that it implies.As Elena's 
sixteenth birthday approaches her excitement builds as she loves being able to celebrate it with her family and her 
godmother Isabelle. What she thought would be just a time to catch up with Isabelle and enjoy the festivities with 
her family she is told of powers of telekinesis and about a trip she must embark on. In land thought to only a myth 
Avalon. Elena discovers there is more in store for her than ever imagined. Elena's journey into a new and exciting 
world was just told so beautifully. I can not wait for the next book in the series!

VINE VOICEon September 10, 2013
Lonely Elena's looking forward to seeing her Godmother Isabel when she turns 16. But her family has some 
surprises in store as Arthurian myths become Pagan reality in the modern world. The effects of uncontrolled magic
in a normal American school in a normal American town are a little dramatic. But Elena has unexpected friends 
who can help her out, and soon she's travelling to the secret Island of Avalon off the coast of England, where 
mystery and history combine.

Being English, of course, I wanted to know more about where Avalon might be, why people would take planes 
rather than trains to travel around England, and precisely which Arthurian legends would qualify as real. But bigger 
questions give this story its depth: the relationships between good and evil, power and responsibility, and unity and 
control for a start. It's a pleasing novella where a studious American high-school girl enters a magical boarding 
school, meets prophesy and destiny, majors in pizza and alchemy, and learns where she belongs. The story's light 
with just a hint of darkness in the wings, nicely tuned to middle school readers, and a fun way to start a new series.

Disclosure: I volunteered to read a free eARC and give my honest opinion.

on September 15, 2014
The main character, Elena, seems almost too good to be true.
She's polite, respectful, loves her parents, studies at home, smiles a lot, loves the stories of King Arthur, Merlin and 
the legend of Avalon.
However, like many nice kids, she is the subject of mocking ridicule by three 'Blond Bimbettes'.
Unbeknownst to all four girls, this situation is about to change dramatically on Elena's 16th birthday!
The author cleverly takes the reader by the hand and gently guides you through this first book of a series that has all 
the hallmarks of being just as enthralling as the Harry Potter series.
I'm looking forward to Book 2 coming out.


on September 21, 2014
The sequel to Destiny starts one year after Elena receives her powers on her sixteenth birthday and arrives at 
Avalon, to discover that SHE is to be the next Lady of the Lake!
Elena and her friends are progressing nicely with their training, but Izzy seems to have a problem that she won't 
talk about.
Elena is getting bad nightmares and feeling strange.
Then Izzy's brother Matt turns up at Avalon for a visit.
The scene is set for more discoveries.....
Not only is this (and the previous book 'Destiny') an enjoyable and easy read – some of the emotional issues that 
young people go through (NOT just applicable to girls) are dealt with in an easy to understand manner.
If you'd like to read about MORE than magic, then this series is recommended.

on September 29, 2014
"Fate" was a fantastic book. The plot detailed Elena Baxter, a pending Lady of the Lake at New Avalon. In the 
book, Elena experiences more than her fair share of good and bad events. I was particularly drawn to Buginsky's 
construction of the nightmares and dark forces, which showed the odds Elena faced when presented with her 
"fate." The book was well-researched and portrayed the legends very well, with some fun fantasy twists. Buginsky 
is a highly talented writer, and I look forward to reading her future work.

on September 20, 2014
The sequel to Destiny starts one year after Elena receives her powers on her sixteenth birthday and arrives at 
Avalon, to discover that SHE is to be the next Lady of the Lake!
Elena and her friends are progressing nicely with their training, but Izzy seems to have a problem that she won't 
talk about.
Elena is getting bad nightmares and feeling strange.
Then Izzy's brother Matt turns up at Avalon for a visit.
The scene is set for more discoveries.....
Not only is this (and the previous book 'Destiny') an enjoyable and easy read – some of the emotional issues that 
young people go through (NOT just applicable to girls) are dealt with in an easy to understand manner.
If you'd like to read about MORE than magic, then this series is recommended.

VINE VOICEon October 15, 2014
A sweet middle-grade novella with surprising depth, Andrea Buginsky’s Fate starts where Destiny, its 
predecessor, left off. Protagonist Elena is slowly coming to terms with her destiny as the future Lady of the Lake. 
Meanwhile Elena’s friends struggle with the fates that wounded them. And Elena's new gift might be learned just 
in time to offer excellent wisdom and help.

If you wish your child were more empathetic, or you want to help a child who’s suffered loss, this book might be 
really useful. Natural responses of anger and lost trust grow into understanding. And “fate” doesn’t have to mean 
what’s written in the stars; it might be what’s given in the circumstances, "meant to be" because it saves.

The teens are convincing, with a natural interest in clothing and beauty, sudden crushes on a passing boy, and 
nicely believable (though occasionally didactic) dialogue.

Pushing the tale of sixteen-year-old Elena’s future forward, and telling a side-story all the way to completion, Fate 
is a pleasing novella and holds the promise of more to come.

Disclosure: I received a free ecopy and I offer my honest review.

on September 20, 2014
I was provided and ARC of this fantastic book by the talented Andrea Buginsky and it did not disappoint. I read
her first book Destiny which I loved and Fate is amazing.

The characters are so real and the way they interact with one another is amazing. Loved this story and it is one 
great journey to be able to go through with them. The friendships and adventures shared between Elena, Izzy, 
Mia, Rebecca and April are one's the reader will carry with them for a long time.

I am excited for this series and what Andrea will bring us next!

on January 13, 2015
Perhaps elderly grandfathers aren’t the best people to review Buginsky’s latest novel, which is clearly intended
pre-teen girls. Mothers might be a better choice. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

The setting for the story is New Avalon, a mystical, magical island off the coast of England, invisible because 
of perennial mists that shroud the place. It is where King Arthur was brought when he died, and is now the site of 
a school for magical people.
The main character, Elena, learned on her 16th birthday that she was to become the next Lady of the Lake, a 
position akin to queen because she is a direct descendant of the original Lady of the Lake in King Arthur’s legends. 
She had been sent to New Avalon to begin training for that role. She does well in school (her favorite subject is 
potions) and she has several close friends who reside in her dorm. She also relies on Isobel, the current Lady of 
the Lake, who is also the headmistress and her godmother.
As the story unfolds, Elena learns that Izzy’s brother Matt is also enrolled in the school but she and Matt are not 
on speaking terms. Her parents died in a car accident years previously while she was driving, she suffers from 
guilt and she feels Matt blames her for the deaths.

An interesting complication to the story arises in that as Elena matures, one of the powers that belong to Ladies of 
the Lake begins to manifest itself. She finds herself being able to sense the feelings of others, at first so clearly 
that she cannot distinguish between their feelings and her own. In one emotional scene, she is bombarded by such 
strong feelings from several others that she passes out, but her godmother explains that as she matures she will 
gain control over her empathic abilities.
As the story progresses, Elena helps Izzy come to terms with the deaths of her parents and to accept that her 
brother doesn’t blame her. She’s helped in this by Isobel, who uses the situation as a teaching moment to help 
Elena understand what is happening around her, and in turn to help her best friend Izzy.

A touch of pre-teen-style romance enters the picture in Elena’s emerging relationship with Izzy’s brother Matt, to 
whom she is attracted. It’s doubly confusing to her because she senses his attraction to her as well as hers to him, 
and it takes a while for her to learn to distinguish between the two.

Eventually they share a first kiss, and Ms. Buginsky does a good job with a difficult problem: how to express the 
inner feelings of both a female and a male at a hugely romantic moment, while still keeping it within the sensibilities 
of a young audience.

“'See you then. Goodnight.' She held her breath as he leaned in to kiss her, and then let it out as his lips brushed 
her forehead.
'Goodnight,' he whispered softly."
She watched him walk away, and then headed inside. Her eyes were still dreamy when she walked into their room.
'Where have you been?' Izzy asked. She looked up and saw the hazy look in Elena’s eyes, and gently laughed. 
'Ah, never mind. Out with my brother, I see?'
Elena blushed. 'Is it that obvious?'
'Yup. You really like him, don’t you?'
'Yeah, I do,' she whispered."

Ultimately, Izzy comes to understand that nobody blames her for the accident. Her parents’ death was fated to 
happen, and the book carries a short lesson in the history and philosophy of the concept of fate, which is 
appropriate, given the title of the book. Elena becomes able to deal the confusion caused by her intensely picking 
up on the emotions of others, and everyone learns the value of talking conflicts out.

Fate is the fifth fantasy novel by Andrea Buginsky and the second in the New Avalon series. Her writing is simple 
and direct, well suited for her intended audience.

on January 20, 2015
Fate is a fabulous book. I fell into Avalon and it's beauty all over again. Where I learn that Elana has been 
introduced to her "fate" but before that happens there are some things left to learn. Some of those lessons come 
with some not so happy endings. The trials and tribulations of a teenage girl are still ever present in Avalon just 
slightly different. As Elana comes to accept what is to become of her there are some dark and terrible nightmares 
that plague her. Taking her place and learning what it all means for Elana is another amazing journey through 
Avalon where I was left breathless.
I am so enamored with this series and can not wait to see where thing go from here. Andrea Buginsky does a 
beautiful job of taking the reader to a land we have all heard of in fairy tales and puts her own spin on it without 
take away from the stunning vision of this far away realm.