Saturday, December 19, 2015

Book Release | Bride of Wisconsin by Kirsten Osbourne

American Mail-Order Brides

45 of your favorite Western Historical authors have written 50 connected books, each set in a different state. A new one releasing everyday for 50 days!  

Start the series that is making publishing history with USA Today Bestselling Author Kirsten Osbourne's Prequel FREE

This 1500 word prequel is what ties together the ground-breaking American Mail Order Bride books. The project includes fifty mail order bride books, one for each state, which will be released one per day from November 19th, 2015-January 7th, 2016. Roberta, manager of a garment factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts, finds a very large discrepancy between the amount of money on hand and the amount her books say she should have on hand. When she calls in the owner to talk to him about it, she knows immediately the discrepancy is caused by him. After the factory burns to the ground a short time later, she feels responsible for the women who are now jobless. Can she find a solution that won't leave all of the women unemployed?


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Kirsten anchors the series with her NEW RELEASE

Roberta, American Mail-Order Bride Book 30

Roberta, Bride of Wisconsin is #30 in the unprecedented 50-book American Mail-Order Brides series. After a fire which burned the factory where she was manager to the ground, Roberta McDaniel feels responsible for all the women who lost their jobs. She contacts a matchmaker and suggests all of them become mail-order brides—answering an advertisement for a widower in Wisconsin herself. Bobbie worries that her independence will cause problems in her new life. Jakob knows he will never love again after the death of his beloved wife and the mother of his two sons, but he needs someone to cook and clean for his family, as well as help him raise his two sons. When independent Bobbie arrives, he's unsure whether to throttle her or kiss her. Will this unlikely couple find a way past their differences? Or are they doomed to spend the rest of their lives in a loveless marriage?


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