Friday, January 9, 2015

SeaTac: A Mountain Biker's Paradise

SeaTac, Washington is an outlying suburb of Seattle, near both Seattle and Tacoma. It's the hub of the area for flying in and out of Seattle or Tacoma, and provides many hotels for visitors to stay in. But there's one more area of expertise SeaTac has that many visitors may be unaware of: SeaTac boasts numerous mountain bike parks and alliances, and is even host to USA BMX sanctioned events. If you’re a mountain biker, you may want to check out the area's parks.

South SeaTac

Just south of SeaTac Airport is a maze of trails that provide a lot of fun mountain bike riding. South SeaTac Park used to be a neighborhood long ago, but it now offers plenty of winding trails. The area is often buzzed by low flying planes coming to and from the airport, which makes riding there more interesting.
There are trails on both the east and west side of the main access road. The east side is fairly flat, which makes it perfect for beginners. The west side trails are more advanced and has more hills. Both trails are a bit sandy and drain well.

North SeaTac BMX

Image via Flickr By yonolatenga
If you're looking for more adventurous BMX biking, check out North SeaTac BMX track. Located in North SeaTac Park, the track is open from dawn to dusk seven days a week. Bikers are welcome to use the track during operating hours. The park hosts USA BMX sanctioned events, and during these events, only USA BMX members are allowed to ride the track.
Be sure to check for upcoming events before your trip if you plan on visiting the park during your stay. Event schedules, entry fees, and needed equipment are available on the website should you wish to become a member of USA BMX.

I-5 Colonnade

Located in Seattle, the I-5 Colonnade is the first urban mountain bike skills park. It was constructed by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, and features novice, intermediate, and advanced areas. There’s also a dirt jumping section, pump track, and trials area. Surface areas are mainly dry and dusty, but there are several areas exposed to rain, and a few trails that are located under freeway leaks. Both the rain and the leaks can cause the trails to become muddy. I-5 Colonnade provides occasional skills classes. Check the website to see if one will be available during your stay.

Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain is one of Seattle's most popular mountain biking areas. There are nine trails open to riders, all varying in difficulty. Some of the trails are moderately technical, while others are fast and flow easily. There are shorter tracks that can take you up the trail quicker than others, and others that having rolling elevations up the mountain. The trails can often be wet following rain, and some can continue to ooze water for up to a week following a rainstorm.
If you're looking for a different kind of vacation, a mountain biking excursion in the SeaTac area may be right for you. Check weather conditions and schedules before booking your vacation.