Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Have You Discovered the Pen?

Image via Google Play

Readers, are you connected to Penned? No. You need to check out this great new app for your Android device.
"Penned is the best way to read, write, and share stories with your friends, followers, and the world for FREE. Share your creativity and gain a following.
- Post your story with a cover photo
- Write fiction, true tales, blogs, fanfiction, poetry, song lyrics, or whatever is on your mind
- Add chapters as you go and let your story unfold into a novel
- Post to the most popular categories, or create your very own category
- Connect with your friends and reading audience with comments on each chapter
- Follow other writers
- Easily share to Twitter and Facebook
It's like a cross between wattpad, instagram, and ibooks"
This is the description on the Google Play store for Penned. It's a terrific app for readers and writers. Discover new books, share favorites with other users, and display your own books. With the new Android app, you can take it anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Get Penned today!